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4 Wheel Dollies

$20.00 each (or $60.00 for 4)

18” x 12” 4 wheel dollies, rated for 1000 lbs, with 3” casters, a “must have” for any professional mover.

Moving Dollies

$40.00 each (or $180.00 for 5)

Rated for 300 lbs.

Moving Blankets

$10.00 each (or $100.00/dozen, 2 doz minimum)

72” x 80”, Non Woven, Professional Moving Blankets.

3" Angled Paintbrushes

$5.00 each

Used by professional contractors, these brushes are great for cutting in sharp cut lines. Bristle materials are nylon/polyester.

Rolling Cages

$4.00 each

9.5” standard size rolling cages with slip resistant, friction fit cage, used by professional painters.

Rolling Sleeves

$2.00 each ($1.88 if 12 or more are purchased)

Leave a perfect finish with these 9.5” wide, 12 ml nap, nylon material rolling sleeves. Less dipping and move coverage from the 12 ml nap makes these sleeves the sleeve of choice for professionals.